Bitterness is for cowards

It is for those who cling to the past

In hopes of making a better delusional present

With no hope for an honest future


Bitterness is for those

Who are self-absorbed

Always thinking about how someone did them wrong

Not realizing they did someone wrong too


Bitterness is for those

Who canít see past themselves

Thinking their opinion is the only one that matters

Not realizing that their judgment might just be flawed


Bitterness is for those

Who are weak of mind and heart

Who reject any attempts to make amends

Preferring to be comfortable in their misery


Bitterness is counter productive

It is self-defeating

It is denial

It is the mark of a weak mind


Bitterness prevents self growth

Self examination

True self expression

Future healthy relationships


Bitterness is like a boil

Growing and festering

Filling with contaminants and bacteria

Waiting for someone to lance it


Until the disease is released

It oozes and seeps

Staining everything around you

Causing a foul stench


Like a mutated pimple

It must eventually pop

And if the bitterness is not fully released

All that is left is an empty scab of skin


Chuck Smoot

May 25, 2003

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