Where No Man Has Gone Before


I want to go

Where no man has gone before

I want to be launched up into the sky

Into the heavens

and travel the galaxy

The universe

I want to be out there

Floating free

Amongst the stars

I want to fly next to comets

I want to sit atop large asteroids

I want to feel the peace

That comes from being in space

I want to be in a place

Where there are few responsibilities

No obligations

Where my mind can run free

Where judgements vanish

Where opinions donít matter

Where money has no use

I want to be in a place where time

Is as expansive as space

Where minutes, hours and days

Lose their meaning

I want to see a million Big Bangs

I want to fly through black holes

I want to feel myself in the presence of God

I want to meet those who might be

From different lands

Experience their reality

I want to float

In the eternal nothingness

Called space

I want to take my beloved with me

So there will be nothing

But her and I

Wrapped up in the bliss

Of cosmic unity

Were togetherness is irrelevant

And oneness is the constant

I look up into the skies at night

Gazing at suns called stars

Wondering, thinking, hoping

That I might be able

To lose myself in the expanse

To revel in the beauty

To experience that peace

That surpasses all understanding

To know how God felt

Before He created the world

To feel what the angels feel

As they traverse through space

I want to hear the music

Created by the cosmos

The language spoken

That only one traveling that unknown frontier

Can understand

I want to be

Where knowledge began

Where intelligence was created

Where wisdom first was hatched

I want to be able to know the answer

Before the question is asked

Where love is pure

And where life is eternal

I want to go

Where no man has gone before


Chuck Smoot

June 3, 2003


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(Charles E. Smoot © 2003-2009, all rights reserved)