I saw you standing there

Looking at me

Looking at you

We dared not speak

Communicating only with our eyes

Thoughts dance

Emotions swell

Your smile entices me

I remain stern



Trying to appear disinterested

Lest I betray my growing desire

I want you to want me

But I fear what you may discover

I try to hide

in plain sight

Hoping you will not sense

the turmoil in my heart

So I watch you

You watch me

I walk towards you

You walk away

Lost in my own thoughts

I enjoy this game

of cat and mouse

hide and seek

Though I am unsure of

who is the Hunter

and who is the Hunted

I am drawn to you

Pulled in by your mind

Your essence

Your soul

Finally as I approach

I smile

And say,



Chuck Smoot

August 27, 2002


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