My Enemy


My enemy knows me like no other

Knows how to manipulate and control me

I try to fight my enemy as best I can

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose


My enemy finds a way to bind me

To restrict my thoughts

To prevent me from taking action

It paralyzes me, often unable to act or react


My enemy often times makes me a coward

It makes me question myself and my motives

It would rather have me hide than to

Face my issues and dilemmas head on


My enemy fools me

Convincing me that avoidance is preferable

To taking action and creating resolutions

Instead my enemy prefers me to do nothing


My enemy, however, has kept me out of trouble

Kept me from situations I should not have been in

Preventing me from making really foolish decisions

Tho sometimes I would prefer my enemy to let me do the thinking


My enemy is crafty

Preying on my paranoia, my guilt, casting seeds of doubt

And no matter how hard I try to fight it

My enemy usually wins


My enemy is like the serpent in the Garden

Full of deception and half truths

And I make the decision to follow it

Rather than stand up and do what I know is best


My enemy one day will be defeated

One day I will let the ally within me

Rise up and cast out this enemy

Now that I acknowledge who and what my enemy is


My enemy will not give up without a fight

But I have faith

Just as I allowed my enemy to control me

It is I who has the ultimate control over my enemy


And the enemy, my enemy, will lose.


Chuck Smoot

May 26, 2003

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