I Donít Understand

(Chuck's Rant)


I donít understand

How people can always

Immediately see the negative

Of every situation


I donít understand

How there are some people

Who never ever smile

Even when hearing the funniest joke


I donít understand

Why women allow their men to abuse them

When there are other men

Willing to treat them like queens


I donít understand

How a parent can abandon their child

When being a parent

Is the most rewarding action ever


I donít understand

How white women can be racist

When less than 100 years ago

They couldnít vote either


I donít understand

Why I wake up at 7 oíclock in the morning

On the Saturday of a 3 day weekend

And canít go back to sleep


I donít understand

Why despite my best efforts

People would rather hold on to their judgements of me

Rather than ask me a simple question


I donít understand

Why the guilty arenít punished more

While the innocent suffer

In silence


I donít understand

Why it takes so long

To get a woman in bed

But only a second for her to get out


I donít understand

Why there are stupid people on this earth

Canít we just shoot them

Or at least send them to Antarctica


I donít understand

Why people go on Jerry Springer

Get naked and fight and tell all their business

I like it, but I donít understand


I donít understand

Why in the 21st Century

People still donít have enough to eat

And a place to live


I donít understand

Why there are all these angry poets

Yelling and screaming on TV

Trying to out perform the poet that came before them


I donít understand

Why so many people try to justify their physical appearance

And asking us to accept them for who and what they are

When it is clear they havenít accepted themselves


I donít understand

Why some people think

That Godís last name is Damn

But get upset when you get their name wrong


I donít understand

Why I am supposed to call myself


When I donít know where in Africa my people came from


I donít understand

Why people think the Egyptians

Who built the pyramids were white

Do they even know where Africa is?


I donít understand

Why fat women only want to date skinny men

But then get upset

If you suggest they lose weight


I donít understand

Why so many Christians

Think God only belongs to them

When most of them donít know God themselves


I donít understand

Why it is so easy to sin

But so hard not to sin

And why sin was created in the first place


I donít understand

How it is so easy for people to say

"I love you"

But so hard for them to show it


I donít understand

Why I sit here day after day

Looking for answers

When I am not even sure I know the questions


I donít understand

Why my friends complain to me

About their husbands and wives

But never tell me why they stay with them


I donít understand

Why someone always has a complaint

About everything

But rarely a good thing to say about anything


I donít understand

Why I donít understand

Why I canít understand

And why I might never understand


Can anyone help me understand?


Chuck Smoot

May 25, 2003

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