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In the time since I put this page up (around 1996 or so), I have learned a lot about what God can do through the internet.  At first, I had problems putting my sermons on line.  Now, I see it as essential for any preacher to try to use this medium to spread the gospel of Christ.  It is an understatement when I tell you that the response to this page and others like it has been nothing short of amazing.

Previously, I had had a few people tell me that they would like to read some of my sermons. I have resisted the suggestions of those who said I should put them on my web page, for fear of being overly self-indulgent. Then again, when you have a web page, you're already being self-indulgent, so I figured why not.

I should explain a couple of things first, so that there are no misunderstandings. In my sermons, many things about my personality and personal philosophy will be found. In theological terms, I am considered a Liberation Theologian, meaning I am concerned with the uplift of downtrodden and oppressed people, particularly minorities and people of color. I am also a Black Nationalist. This does not mean that I hate white people nor does it mean I run around like other idiots with a "Kill Whitey" sign. What it means is that I am proud to be a Black Man, and I am proud that I was born this way. Sure, it comes with it hardships, but I have very few complaints. A lot of my sermons will have a very specific black slant to them, so if you are not black, do not take offense. But remember, I am a Black Minister, preaching in a Black Church to a Black Congregation.

A large part of my ministry has been influenced by A Black Theology of Liberation by James Cone, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse and collected works of Dr. Cornell West. All three of these men speak directly to the issues of blacks in America and how their socio-economic advancement relates to their spiritual advancement, which some would say is one in the same.

I also like to preach on politics. Historically speaking, the Black Church was the main place where we as a people went to get our information current events. It is where we learned of the pressing issues of the day, and began to form opinions based on what the minister/pastor said. Sadly, we have started to turn away from that. It has even been said of me that I preach too much on politics and "that black nationalism stuff." But I ignore those criticisms and preach what God has put on my heart to preach.

People do not always understand my sermons. For that matter, neither do I. I have never been 100% comfortable with any sermon that I have preached, and can only point to 2 or 3 out of the more than 50 sermons I have preached, that I actually like. But someone once told me that if I was 100% comfortable with my sermons, then that meant that it was me and not the Lord, and I have come to understand the wisdom in that statement.

Note: If you are a regular visitor to this page, you will notice that I am not posting as many sermons as I once did. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, I have begun taking more chances with my preaching. Twice, I have preached without a manuscript, something I have NEVER done before and resisted the urge to do so. However, I did it because I do believe the Lord wanted me to do something different other than what I had planned. The other reason is that I have been using some old sermons and/or been having guest preachers come in. So if there are not regular updates to this page, it is probably due to one of the above stated reasons. Continue, however, to pray for me, as I grow in my understanding of the Word and as I grow as a preacher of the Gospel.

I have been preaching since 1992, receiving my first ordination in September of 1995 and my final ordination in September of 1997. On June 27, 1997, I was appointed as the pastor of Miller Chapel A.M.E. Church in University Park, Illinois. As of now, most of the sermons that are on this page were preached when I served as an associate to my former church, Greater Institutional A.M.E. Church. I know I am not as good as I could be. However, before I got my first pastorate, I was blessed to serve under a pastor who believed in giving young ministers a chance to spread the gospel in their own way. So I have selected a few sermons that I think are particularly interesting and put them here. Even the Prince sermons are here. As time progresses, and I think more, study more, and preach more (now that I am pastoring) I will add more (and become a better preacher in the process). So take the time to check them out as much as you like, and please, let me know what you think. Also, please check back often.

Note/Update: In November of 1998, I resigned from the pastorate in the A.M.E. Church. The reasons are many, some simple and some not so simple. However, I do plan to continue to preach the gospel of Christ, and do expect to start putting up more sermons on a more regular basis than I have up to this point.  However, if you are in the Chicago area, I will be listing my upcoming preaching engagements when I am made aware of them.  So please feel free to come and worship with the congregation where I will be on a given Sunday.

In June of 2005, "A Love Movement" was born.  This is an organization I have started, along with several other wonderful and dedicated people, with the aim of teaching, expressing and discussing how we, as people, need to understand Love in a grander version and vision than we have before.  Be it God's Love, Love of family or friends, Love is the most important and powerful tool that we have, so let's use it fully!  With "A Love Movement" we do bi-weekly podcasts, so feel free to go to the webpage and download the podcast and hear what we are talking about!!  Over 3,000 listeners can't be wrong!!

To read some more sermons, please go to Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources. It is a great site with some great links to other preachers, churches and really inspiring sermons.

Please visit A Love Movement

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Please select any one of the following sermons:

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From My Grandmother

A Eulogy for Ruby Bunn -- My Grandmother


Eulogy for Christopher C. Avent, Jr. -- 1992-2002



Genesis 3:1-13,  WHO HAS THE POWER?,  First Preached: June 8, 1997

Genesis 50:14-21  GIVE IT UP TO GOD,  First Preached: July 20, 1997

Deuteronomy 6:7-12,20-25,  TELL SOMEBODY, First Preached: April, 1994, revised July 13, 1997

Deuteronomy 31:1-8  DON'T WORRY, IT'S ALL GOOD!  First Preached: October 25, 1998

Judges 6:36-40, WHERE IS YOUR TRUST?,   First Preached: November 2, 1997

Job 2:11-3:15, WHY?,  First Preached: November 17, 1996

Psalm 137:1-4,  IT'S OKAY TO SING,   First Preached: March 3, 1997

Ecclesiastes 1:3-10 THE MEANING OF LIFE   First Preached: January 11, 1998

Isaiah 1:1-11  IS OBEDIENCE BETTER THAN SACRIFICE? First Preached: January 25, 1998

Isaiah 26:4-12; Luke 4:14-21,TAKE A STAND BECAUSE GOD IS ON OUR SIDE, First Preached: February, 1996

Isaiah 29:13-24,A NEW SPIRIT OF UNDERSTANDING,  First Preached: August 11, 1996

Jeremiah 7:1-7,MAKING THE CHANGE   First Preached: July 6, 1997

Matthew 16:13-19 JESUS AND THE BLACK CHURCH  First Preached: February 15, 1998

Matthew 18:21-22 and Luke 17:3-5 AN ISSUE OF FORGIVENESS  First Preached: March 15, 1998

Matthew 21:1-3,  IT'S TIME TO GET INVOLVED,  First Preached: November, 1994

Matthew 22:33-40,  WHY CAN'T WE LIVE 4 LOVE?  First Preached: August, 1994

Luke 1:57-66,  CHANGING THE TRADITIONS,  First Preached: December 7, 1997


Luke 2:8-14, WHAT'S THE POINT (THE REMIX)?, Preached Again, December 12, 1999

Luke 4:14-21,  WHERE IS YOUR COMMITMENT?,  First Preached: October 5, 1997


Luke 4:14-21, WHY ARE WE HERE?, First Preached, September 10, 2000

Luke 19:29-47,  IF ONLY THE STONES COULD TALK, First Preached: March, 1993

Luke 19:29-47  ON BECOMING A STONE   First Preached: April 5, 1998

Luke 21:1-12  DID JESUS FAIL?   First Preached: April 12, 1998

Luke 22:1-22, WHAT IS SACRIFICE?,   First Preached: April 3, 1993

John 13:1-6, REVERSING THE ROLES,   First Preached: March 27, 1997

Romans 1:8-17, BE NOT ASHAMED,   First Preached: October 12, 1997

I Corinthians 12:1, 4-11, WHAT IS YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFT?, First Preached August 10, 2002


 I Corinthians 13, LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS First preached April, 2005


Galatians 5:13-23, THE LAW AND THE SPIRIT, This sermon has not been preached (written 1/2/07)


II Timothy 2:14-16, WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF?,  First Preached: September 21, 1997

I John 4:11-19,  SEARCHING FOR A PERFECT LOVE  First Preached: February 9, 1997

James 2:14-16,WHERE IS YOUR VISION?,   First Preached: August 17, 1997

Revelations 3:14-16, TAKE A STAND FOR GOD,  First Preached: April 5, 1997



What Kind of Christian Am I?

This is not a sermon, but should be read anyway.


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